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2006-2009 ~syarul

>>SOS Autobots

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To bad Frenzy take his place..
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oh noes, Decepticons!
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Self explanatory, perfect scale speedy and waiting is eternal torment :P
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Optimus and his gangs is in trouble when Revenge of the Fallen coming out. I decide to help out. live long Autobots! we've with you all, roll out~

>>Battle of Court of the Martyrs

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Scouting outskirt of battlefield, the mobile guard( متحرك طليعة ) , was a light cavalry of Rashidun army during the Muslim conquest of Syria, that remained under the command of Khalid ibn Walid.
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Khalid ibn Walid in a prelude duel before the real battle. Mubarizun was the special unit of the Rashidun army consist of elite warriors, who were the champion swordmen, lancers and archers.
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The tide change, a final skirmish between Muslim and remnant of Ghassanids infantry.
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I have a plan in the future for this, but not now since my time is to overwhelming with everything else. For the time being, a march to Byzantine territory, a Syrian border through desert lead by Khalid ibn al-Walid to face the Ghassanids.
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New Ansar millage, fshoo~ 1 hour.
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Another epic battle formation of the Ansar warriors(الأنصا ), The only battalion unit present in nearly all of the Arabic expansion during 7th to 9th centuries leading to the fall of the Byzantine and the Persian empire.
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Fancy desert eh? 2 hours speedpainting.
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Ok these are the Ansars base on real historical event around 700 A.C. no ref 1.5 hours speed painting.


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This is the 3nd version for junkyard.
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This is the 2nd version for junkyard, a personal project. Did in 1 and half hour.
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1 hour speed paint. W.I.P for personal project.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009
:: dominance war IV ::

DWIV has just ended and this is my final submission. Within 5 days of development mainly done in free time. You can't expect much of the design since part of my objectives is to create a less significant character which remain a minor infantry rather than the usual flamboyant general or war leader of sort. The character have little effect on the world but still convey virtues and emotion. I try to visual his expression with weight of remorse and hope. Cheers~

w.i.p link

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   from top to bottom; text image, final illustration, modeling sheet and concept sheet.


Posted at 03:29 pm by syarul
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009
:: expose 7 submission ::

For Expose 7 submission, doing some final tweaking. Tell me if anything caught by your eyes, and it's so hard to deal with non-human color skin tone.

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    The ever optimist Jarlaxle

Posted at 07:30 pm by syarul

Friday, February 13, 2009
:: hidden dawn ::


Yeah, Finally up and running smoothly especially in IE 6 with numerous bugs. Tested in FF, IE, Opera and Safari quite satisfactory although some of the jQuery animation javascript end up abruptly. jQuery rules especially for someone like me who have shallow scripting capability :P. Now I have option for building sites with no pain-in-the-ass of Flash loading...

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    Finally can release this shit. Checkout http://hiddendawn.com/ for more info and concept arts.

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    Finally can release this shit. Sadly this one doesn't make it into 3d since a hefty gameplay issue. Checkout http://hiddendawn.com/ for more info and concept arts.

Posted at 04:24 pm by syarul

Sunday, August 31, 2008
:: daggerfold ::

Lost in a competition, going to self publish this using interactive web, if I got the time . Story/Digital Content by Lucid Black  Scrip/Art by me.

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    1st page.

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    2nd page.

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    3rd page.

Posted at 07:13 pm by syarul
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